Mainline Big Band - Some past pictures

Dave Twitchings

Dave Twitchings, former Musical Director and lead trumpeter

The sax section

The sax section

Keith, principle saxophonist

Keith, formerly principal saxophonist, here playing clarinet

Sarah on tenor sax

Sarah on tenor sax. Sarah is also a brilliant flautist

Trumpet section

The trumpet section, being used as mutes for the trombones

Ian on trumpet

Ian on jazz trumpet playing one of his fantastic solos

Ian busking

Ian recently busking for Help for Heroes

Trombone section

The trombone section

Pete on trombone

Pete, the principal trombonist

Rod on trombone

Rod on trombone, showing he can reach 7th position if he leans forward far enough

The rhythm section

The band's rhythm section; we have Stan the piano-man, Bobby on drums and Keith on bass guitar

And now for our vocalists and occasional rattlers & shakers

John cook

John, the male vocalist

Anne Wyatt

Anne, the female vocalist

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