Mainlining on Logic

Mastermind (or Dimbo?)

The objective of this game is to guess the colour sequence that the computer is hiding from you. In order to do this you place the colour pegs to the right of table into one row in the table then click the grey panel to the right of the row you just placed. The computer will then display 2 values which represent how many of the correct coloured pegs you have in the correct position, and how many are the correct colour in the wrong position. So, when you reach "4 - 0" you have the correct sequence.

To place one of the pegs in the table, click and release it, then click the square where you want to place it.

A few things worth remembering are:-

  • A colour is used only once in a row
  • The computer never cheats
  • Those scores you see are 100% accurate
  • I have not included an "I give up mode"
  • You can place the pegs anywhere you like in untested rows, but it's normal to start from the bottom row and work your way up